Beyond Petroleum Equipment


Components of solid control equipment

The performance and quality of drilling fluid solid control equipment are the key to solid control technology.


What are the reasons for water leakage in the filler of the mud purification system?

The dimensions of the extended parts at both ends of the mud pump accessory transmission shaft are completely symmetrical, and large pulleys or sprockets can be installed at both ends.


What are the accessories for mud pumps? What are the specific characteristics?

Mud pumps are divided into power end and power end. The following editor mainly introduces the mud pump accessories of these two major systems.


Reasons for the malfunction of mud pump accessories

Mud pumps can be widely used in mining, electricity, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection industries, transportation, and transportation.


What are the outstanding performance of drilling fluid vibrating screens in solid control equipment?

The advanced design experience and manufacturing technology of drilling fluid shale shakers have optimized the design structure of the shale shaker, resulting in the production of a shale shaker that can quickly remove harmful solid phases from the mud while ensuring the recovery of drilling fluid.


Application of Mud Purification Equipment in Sewage Treatment

The pace of reform and opening up is becoming faster and faster, and the mud purification equipment industry and urban construction are also developing very quickly.


How to choose mud purification equipment?

There are many brands of mud purification equipment on the market, with significant price differences.


Working principle of horizontal directional drilling mud pump

Horizontal directional drilling mud pump is a machine that transports mud or water and other flushing fluids to the drilling hole during the drilling process.


Construction characteristics of horizontal directional drilling mud pump

Horizontal directional drilling mud pump is a construction machinery for laying various underground public facilities (pipelines, cables, etc.) without excavating the ground.

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