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Mud pump accessories: What does the hydraulic end of the mud pump include?


Mud pump accessory valve box: The overall forging is a vertical structure with a clearance volume of only 7.3 liters.

There are many accessories for mud pumps, and there are also many systems for mud pumps. So what do the hydraulic end include?
1. Mud pump accessory valve box: The overall forging is a vertical structure with a clearance volume of only 7.3 liters. It is a drilling pump series with small clearance among high-power mud pumps in China, and the valve box achieves drainage and suction through the discharge manifold and suction manifold. One end of the discharge manifold is equipped with a high-pressure cross and discharge pre pressure, while the other end is equipped with a lever type (single needle multi point) shear safety valve. The pre pressurized air bag discharged is an integral casting.
The inflation pressure of its main body, capsule, and sealing ring, pre pressurized capsule, is 20-30% of the working pressure. However, to ensure the long-term working performance of the capsule, it should not exceed 45.7 atmospheres (650psi). In this case, the pressure unevenness can be ensured to be ≤ 5%.
2. Mud pump accessories cylinder liner: Adopting bimetallic cylinder liner, the internal material is high chromium wear-resistant alloy, and the internal surface roughness is required to be within the range of 0.20, with an internal surface hardness of ≥ HRC60. The specifications of the cylinder liner are Φ 100- Φ 100 for users to choose from. The piston is composed of a piston core, cup shaped parts, pressure rings, and elastic retaining rings that comply with the standards issued by the department. The intermediate standard parts and piston rods are connected through fixtures for easy assembly and disassembly. It adopts an adjustable medium rod packaging box structure.
3. The cylinder head flange and valve cover flange are connected with trapezoidal threads.
4. Fixing method for mud pump accessories cylinder liner: The cylinder liner of the 3NB-600 pump is tightened using a looper method.
5. spray system: according to the user's requirements, a special electric centrifugal pump or a centrifugal pump driven by the drive shaft belt is used as the spray pump, and the cylinder liner is cooled and lubricated through the nozzle on the spray box. The coolant is usually a water or water-based solution (soluble emulsified oil or diesel can be added), which flows into the water tank and circulates; Based on the process of water pollution and water temperature
6. Mud pump accessory exhaust manifold assembly: Adopting an integral forged and welded structure, the exhaust manifold and the front surface of the three-piece valve box are connected with bolts and cables, and sealed with an "O" shaped sealing gasket. The exhaust valve chambers are not interconnected with each other.




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